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    1. An established, cross-generation family trust, led by its existing chair has been gradually withdrawing its support to focus on one capital campaign. Thus, one of the key family members and a trustee had to let go of several passion projects. Kami guided and supported her through carefully scaling down involvement in the large family foundation and setting up on her own with a coherent giving plan.

    2. A company established by founders with a background in creative and financial industries was looking to partner with institutions, but without setting up a dedicated philanthropic arm. Instead of a new private foundation or a traditional donation, Kami proposed creating a membership scheme and a philanthropic fund where their selected clients could collectively contribute. To that end, Kami also helped them build an unprecedented protocol and recruit new supporters.

    3. The Marketing Director of a well-known company associated with certain political views was debating whether to boost their marking efforts further or set up a foundation to balance out the unfavourable press. Upon analysing the conceptual framework, potential impact and PR implications, Kami’s advice was to set up a foundation but at a group level, thus avoiding ideological clash, widening the portfolio of potential causes (linked to different companies within the group) and increasing overall social impact.


    4. An established philanthropist with an operating foundation in one country wanted to set up an entity in the UK. Initially, her intention was
    to replicate the structure and programme of the original foundation. However, through detailed questioning and research, it transpired that the initiatives were not suited for the new environment. Upon reviewing the mission statement, Kami devised new methodologies and found new causes to support that remained consistent with the underlying values and overarching philanthropic ambitions.

    5. An ambitious entrepreneur recognised that the medical research carried out for his company could be of public benefit. This prompted him to consider setting up a corporate foundation. The key challenge faced was his involvement in a number of different companies, across industries, products and services. However, he was keen to combine them all and engage with his board and investors. Kami helped him find a common denominator for the myriad of his business activities and interests. The conclusion was to set up a foundation, independent from any of the companies and thus able to partner with universities, governments as well as to receive ad hoc donations from corporates and individuals.