Past Projects

Ambitious cross-sectoral projects require new ways of collaborating. Leading negotiations between different stakeholders (the Island, La Biennale di Venezia, Kurimanzutto gallery, artist studio) – beyond the established infrastructure and towards direct support of artists who dare to push the boundaries of concepts and disciplines. WangShui’s highly anticipated installation features in the 60th International Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.

Positioned amidst various stakeholders, artist studios have become independent enterprises grappling with increased demands and diverse challenges; from internal operations and technical solutions, through the integrity of their image and representation, to negotiating deals with museums and galleries. Providing project-based / comprehensive studio direction / support, e.g.:

Sir Christopher Le Brun

Stefan Brüggemann

Brigitte D’Annibale


The arts and culture sector has increasingly suffered from malfunctioning funding infrastructure and insufficient resources. Within it, organisational structures and strategies have become outdated. Advising on new business models, growth strategies, fundraising, partnerships, network development, and impact assessment, e.g. Turner Contemporary, The Line, Polish Cultural Institute.

The Island commissions, finances, and co-produces new media & digital artworks by established artists, seeking to bridge the gap between the art and tech communities. Its long-term ambition is to inform and support renowned museums’ collecting and exhibiting practices, ensuring institutional recognition for new forms of artistic expression. Developing the vision and institutional network, structuring deals, collaborations and partnerships, handling negotiations.





In today’s global yet fragmented art world, ambitious initiatives often require collaboration between a few different stakeholders. In this context, OFFSCREEN, Paris, promotes a valuable, unconventional format, combining an art fair model with site-specific installation and a series of conversations about the future of philanthropy.

Frieze Tate Fund supported by Endeavor provides a novel funding mechanism for a museum to acquire contemporary art directly from an art fair.

The tripartite partnership between MCA x Tate x Qantas, underpinned by a gift from a corporate foundation, enabled an unprecedented collaboration between two large institutions to deliver joint research, education and acquisition programmes.

Advised on structure, designed and negotiated new agreements, secured sponsorship.


Devising collecting strategies, managing art collections, researching and sourcing artworks, negotiating deals, facilitating access to industry networks (museum boards, artist studios, etc.)

Montabonel & Partners

Tate Collection

European Collection Circle

Rostropovich – Vishnevskaya collection

Berkeley family estate

Hutchinson collection

Howard Hodgkin estate



In light of diminishing state funding yet increasing audience demands and a competitive landscape, arts patronage has been a lifeline for many renowned organisations, such as the RA. Built relationships with established philanthropists, expanded the International Circle, advised family trusts, offices and foundations.



Educating the art world’s varied audiences and stakeholders is crucial in securing a healthy ecosystem and quality culture for future generations. Designed courses and lectured at Christie’s Education and King’s College.

In an increasing competitive landscape, the extent of audience / client engagement is contingent upon the quality of programming and overall experience. Designed and executed programmes and events for organisations and individuals, e.g. Sotheby’s Preferred, Patrons of the Royal Academy of Arts, Lisson Gallery: Talks, Offscreen: Conversations.

Private foundations have become important agents of change and influence within the art & culture sector. Advising on cultural diplomacy and giving strategy, liaising with the relevant stakeholders, assessing impact, e.g. New Carlsberg Foundation.