Advisory / Investor Relations

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    Kami helps individuals, families and businesses navigate the intricate philanthropic landscape, ensuring alignment with their values and aspirations, and striving for the maximum impact and lasting legacy. Philanthropy advisory practice is multi-faceted and continues to evolve, encompassing nuanced cross-generation and multi-stakeholder communication, amalgamate of business and personal goals as well as a timely outlook.

    Kami acted as a trusted advisor to some of the world’s top art collectors and as the right hand to Sotheby’s Chairs. At Tate and the Royal Academy of Arts, Kami established relationships with major international philanthropists, strategic partners, corporate sponsors and the public sector. In her current role as a member of the Board of Directors at the Art.Network, a fintech-blockchain infrastructure for the art world, she is actively involved in building a pipeline of and pitching to investors at every stage of the company’s growth.