My Approach

Kami seeks ambitious projects that move the needle, creatively or business-wise. With her comprehensive experience, she is uniquely positioned to negotiate with different stakeholders and think outside the box. Over the years, she has built an extensive network within the art world and beyond, continuing to invest in long-term client relationships. Straddling both artistic and commercial domains, Kami’s framework goes beyond conventional models.

Working with Sotheby’s Chairs, Tate’s Directors and Major Donors, the Royal Academy of Art’s CEO and Trustees, Kami played an instrumental role in board meetings and leadership initiatives addressing systemic problems and pioneering new products, services and protocols. When directing an artist studio, Kami provides clarity, a methodical approach and strong representation. An entrepreneur at heart, she supports business ventures at critical junctures, such as funding rounds, scaling up, rebranding or restructuring.